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Cute Kids Posing Against Wall

Project LINK, the administrative arm of the Back To School Coalition, has served children and families in the Tampa Bay area since 1989 as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. Throughout our history, we have served more than 98,000 families in the county.

We have been committed to promoting academic achievement, advocating for equity education, increasing community awareness of health and other benefits of healthy eating and active lifestyles, and establishing effective community partnerships to sustain our efforts to ensure every child lives a healthy, safe, and educated life.

Donations from individuals like you are crucial to the success of our mission. We are able to make a difference with every dollar we raise. We welcome you to learn more about our organization's work and how we will put your donation to good use as we fulfill our mission to protect bay area citizens from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Your generous support will allow us to continue our efforts to keep families and communities healthy and safe, including providing immunizations and physicals at no charge and advocating for a fair and equitable education for our children.

Kids Running

Thank You For Caring...

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