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Chairperson, Back to School Coalition of Hillsborough County 

C.E.O. & President, Project LINK, Inc.

Member, American Psychological Association

Founder, Back To School Coalition of Florida

Ex Officio CAC Member, West Tampa CRA

Krewe Member, Krewe of the Nautilus

Tina Young

Dear Stakeholders of Florida,

I am so excited you have become acceptably interested to read the words from my heart. Over the years  people have asked me, why I love to serve through Project LINK, Inc. My answer “I want to be inclusive in the synergy that uplifts the lives of others.”  I want to be a leader that helps people grow into the realization, that their GOD given talent(s) is already inside of them and they have everything they need to get what they want out of their lives, regardless of their background.

We are valuable individuals - to ourselves, to our families and to our communities. Somewhere along the way, some of us have forgotten our self-worth. My personal mission is to give people an avenue to recall their assets. I believe the keys to our success are within our own pockets.

I am optimistic,  we have a community of stakeholders that are invested in the youth across our State. Many children are suffering at no fault of their own, regardless of their economic status. Have you heard of the phrase “ It Takes a Village”? I stand on the premise that it takes an entire community of people to assist in the healthy growth of our youth, so they can experience the opportunities to become whole-hearted, well-rounded, forward thinking, and compassionate adults.

Do you recall the excitement and anticipation you felt as a child before the first day of school? Do you remember getting your outfit and supplies lined up and ready for the next day? Remember, being worried about making new friends and having a teacher who was supportive, engaging, and made learning fun?

Many children we serve feel all of that too. Families are relocating to Florida every day for several reasons and are doing their best to fill out paperwork to meet school requirements, scrape together enough funds for uninsured medical services and purchase school supplies to make sure they are ready to start school. We meet families that are new to the process, who also find out that bay area clinics are backlogged and/or expenses extend their budget. Some discover they will miss the first weeks of school; this is overwhelming and becomes a breaking point.

Families turn to the Back-to-School Coalition of Hillsborough County for help. Children receive their immunizations needed to keep them and their peers safe, healthy, and ready to thrive in school.

Over the years, we have made sure that thousands of children annually receive the medical care they need. Project LINK organizes seven no-cost back to school health clinics that provide uninsured and underserved children with their school entry immunizations, school physicals and/or shot records update.

We know if these families do not receive the preventative services, they will fall into a gap that affects their children’s ability to learn as well as their parents’ ability to work to support their families. We need resolute stakeholders to ensure that does not happen. We can accomplish more together, your support in providing medical resources, to include but not limited to medical supplies, medical interns, cultural capital, education, and/or support trainings.

I am asking all that read these words on this page, consider paying close attention to what is feeding your energy. I am prayerful, your cooperation will lead you to what is good for us all. It is important to note, I am recruiting stakeholders of all shapes and sizes, who dream of a better world for our youth, yourself, your loved ones, and your communities. I am a firm believer that pain pushes until vision pulls. I hope to draw you closer to a vision that is equitable from all views.

When you believe that everyone has a purpose you begin to think differently. We are our possibilities. Everyone is entitled to well-being; health is a fundamental human right.

I hope to see you in our village!

Tina Young


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